Smoke on the water – Lake Victoria – Der Victoriasee

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On our first trip through Uganda five years ago, we´ve already heard some stories about Lake Victoria´s lake flies, small insects spending their early life cycles in the lake before transforming into flies and swarming out in vast numbers, all at the same time. It would look just like columns of smoke on the open lake, we were told. Back then, I got so curios, so desperate on taking pictures of that phenomenon, but we hardly had any time left for exploring the lake. Weiterlesen


Buggala, ein Rückzugsort II – Buggala Island, a place of retreat II

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Alle Unterkünfte auf Buggala liegen über die Lutoboka-Bucht verteilt, von wo aus seit ein paar Jahren die Fähre MV Kalangala täglich nach Entebbe pendelt. Dafür benötigt sie in der Regel um die vier Stunden. Morgens um acht Uhr geht es in Lutoboka los, und um 14 Uhr tritt sie von Entebbe den Weg zurück zur Insel an, wo sie dann noch vor Sonnenuntergang wieder anlegt. Nachdem die Insel schon in den 90ern ein Backpacker-Treffpunkt gewesen war, hatte sie Anfang des Jahrtausends unter der Einstellung des Fährbetriebs von Entebbe aus gelitten, die Touristen waren weiter an den idyllischen Bunyonyi-See im Süden des Landes gezogen. Weiterlesen

Toro Crater Lakes – Die Toro Kraterseen

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Starting north of Fort Portal, a concentration of crater lakes runs down south alongside the western border of Kibale National Park with its groups of habituated chimpanzees. The crater lakes south of Fort Portal sprawl over a large region with a lush, hilly countryside and a patchwork of cultivated areas and remnants of swamps as well as indigenous forest with a profusion of birds, monkeys and butterflies. One of the most beautiful is Lake Nkuruba, where the community-run Original Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve is protecting the surrounding rainforest which is bursting with black-and-white colobus, red colobus, red-tailed and other monkeys. The lakes tend to be quite deep, and the water is clear and cool (but not too cool)– perfect for a relaxing swim. Weiterlesen

Idylle am Nil – Idyll at River Nile

Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

See-Idyll – Lake idyll


Murchison Falls National Park

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With a size of around 3.800 km2, Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda´s largest protected area. In a north-western corner of the country, it is divided into a northern and a southern sector by the Victoria Nile coming from lake Kyoga to the east. The Victoria Nile delta at lake Albert in the west is part of the park while starting there, the Albert Nile flowing north towards South Sudan marks the western border of Murchison Falls NP. Weiterlesen


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Nach Pakwach sind wir mit dem leersten aller Minibusse gekommen. Am Ende der Fahrt hatten wir die komplette letzte Reihe für uns, und ich fragte mich, ob dies das Ende der Welt markierte. Die beschloss aber, noch ein Weilchen weiter zu existieren, so dass wir Ugandas einzige Stadt am Nil und seine etwa 23.000 Einwohner kennenlernen konnten. Weiterlesen

Kidepo Valley Nationalpark II – Kidepo Valley National Park II

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Part II
Exploring Kidepo Valley National Park is like exploring an ancient isolated paradise, hidden and protected by mountain ranges. It is an original savannah with patches of swampland, mountains, valleys, stands of borassus palms and sausage trees. The place is dominated by the remnants of the Katurum lodge, towering over the valley. It had been planned and built during the Idi Amin regime, but got abandoned because of political instability. Right now, it is getting renovated, because an investor is planning to turn the bunker-like structure into a four-star luxury accommodation including a spa and a night club. Weiterlesen

Perspective – Perspektive

Mehr/More Kariba-Talsperre – Kariba Dam Wall

Elephant bay – Die Elefantenbucht

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