Buggala Island, a place of retreat I – Buggala, ein Rückzugsort I

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From Kalinzu Forest, we caught a minibus to the east, to Mbarara where we had to change transport and took a big bus eastward on to Masaka near the shore of Lake Victoria. After the delicious Friday night BBQ buffet at the Frikadellen, a Danish-run eatery linked to the NGO Childcare Denmark, and a night at the Vienna Golden Hotel in Masaka (we couldn´t figure out why the hell this is called Vienna), we tried to take a minibus to Buggala Island, the largest island of the Ssese Archipelago which comprises 84 islands just off shore on Lake Victoria. There is a free ferry service commuting all day between the mainland east of Masaka and the western tip of Buggala Island, covering the three or four kilometres in around 40 minutes. Weiterlesen


Bikes & tyres – Räder & Reifen

Die Schimpansen vom Kalinzu-Wald – The chimpanzees of Kalinzu forest

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Vom Nkuruba-See zurück in Fort Portal nahmen wir den nächsten Minibus Richtung Süden. Unterwegs ging es zuerst nach Kasese, von wo wir vor fünf Jahren hinauf nach Kilembe in die Ruwenzori-Berge gefahren waren. Damals waren wir von Süden, vom Bwindi Impenetrable Nationalpark in der Region der Virunga-Vulkane gekommen, dieses Mal nahmen wir den entgegengesetzten Weg. Von Kasese aus ging es über den Äquator und durch den Queen Elizabeth Nationalpark, und wie vor fünf Jahren war schon die Passage des berühmten Parks eine Pirschfahrt für sich – inklusive Elefanten, Büffeln und Gazellen rechts und links der Straße. Weiterlesen


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South of / Südlich von Kasese

Toro Crater Lakes – Die Toro Kraterseen

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Starting north of Fort Portal, a concentration of crater lakes runs down south alongside the western border of Kibale National Park with its groups of habituated chimpanzees. The crater lakes south of Fort Portal sprawl over a large region with a lush, hilly countryside and a patchwork of cultivated areas and remnants of swamps as well as indigenous forest with a profusion of birds, monkeys and butterflies. One of the most beautiful is Lake Nkuruba, where the community-run Original Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve is protecting the surrounding rainforest which is bursting with black-and-white colobus, red colobus, red-tailed and other monkeys. The lakes tend to be quite deep, and the water is clear and cool (but not too cool)– perfect for a relaxing swim. Weiterlesen

Gulu Crystal Hotel

Rwenzori life – Leben in den Ruwenzoris

Rwenzori drive – An den Ruwenzori-Bergen

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Toro Botanical Gardens

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On the outskirts of Fort Portal, Toro Botanical Gardens occupies 50 ha as demonstration gardens where various plants are conserved, like medicinal plants, spices, fruits, herbs, shrubs and trees, among them also hardwood species. Main goal of this project founded in 2001 is to raise awareness for the vegetation of the Albertine Rift Valley. In addition, this is the perfect place for bird nerds with a broad variety of forest and woodland species. Weiterlesen

Idylle am Nil – Idyll at River Nile

Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda