City of light – Stadt aus Licht

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Festival of lights Berlin


Dead truck – Toter LKW

Things to put in your front yard #2 – Deko für den Vorgarten #2 (North of/nördlich von Mouila, Gabon/Gabun)


Things to put in your front yard – Deko für den Vorgarten

Mouila – A quiet place – Ein ruhiger Ort

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Mouila is indeed a quiet place – not to say sleepy. It is the capital of the Ngounié region, named after the river which is the most important tributary of the Oogué. 30.000 inhabitants are living in Mouila that is linked to Lambaréné and Libreville in the north as well as Ndendé in the south via another Route Nationale. That one is quite good because it got paved by an Italian company in the recent years. Nowadays, more people are using the overland route to go to the south, which means more visitors coming to Mouila. But it is still a rarely visited town in a rarely visited region. In this respect, the lack of any touristic infrastructure and the nearly complete inaccessibility of the beautiful rainforest hinterland might play a role. Weiterlesen

Memorial du Cinquantenaire

Port Gentil, Gabon/Gabun

Visiting Albert Schweitzer II – Zu Gast bei Albert Schweitzer II

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The present Albert-Schweitzer-hospital is a kind of flagship for Gabon, but at the same time it is a constant struggle getting the money together for keeping the hospital going. It is located on top of a hill only 100 or 200 metres from the historic hospital. The latter has been preserved in the condition of the time of its famous founder and is nowadays a museum. In Albert Schweitzer’s house, photographs and other documents are on display as well as the private rooms of the doctor and his wife – including the piano he had transported to the jungle because he had also been a musicologist publishing on Johann Sebastian Bach. Weiterlesen

Lopé I – The transport issue – Die Sache mit dem Transport

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The next morning, we got picked up past eight. We drove to the National Park office next to a park entrance on the other side of La Lopé where we had to inscribe our data into a big book. On the way, we had picked up our guide, a short and stocky guy who was working for the researchers most of the time. He didn´t seem too convinced of the concept of tourism but at the same time, he was a very friendly one. We already knew the entrance books from the parks in eastern Africa, but in Lopé were only two or three visitors recorded per day. That was something completely different compared to eastern Africa, and Lopé is not the remotest park in the country, it is Gabon’s highlight, by far the most famous and most accessible park. (Apart from that, using the words Gabon, Lopé and accessible in one sentence feels sort of unnatural to me.) Weiterlesen

Lopé I – Die Sache mit dem Zug – The train issue

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Wir hatten Glück, denn der Van brachte uns tatsächlich ohne Thrombose, Quetschungen oder sonstige Verletzungen nach Ndjolé, an dessen Marktplatz wir gegen fünf Uhr feststellen mussten, dass unser Ziel auf der Straße an diesem Tag in keinem Fall mehr zu erreichen war. Also fuhren wir zum Bahnhof, der einige Kilometer außerhalb der Stadt liegt. Es hatte zwar keine Fahrkarten mehr von Libreville nach La Lopé gegeben, aber vielleicht war es möglich, für die viel kürzere Strecke zwischen Ndjolé und La Lopé, was nur wenige Stationen waren, eine Mitfahrgelegenheit im Zug zu bekommen. Dessen Ankunft wurde irgendwann nach Mitternacht erwartet. Weiterlesen

Der Malawi-See

Jetzt im Handel: Die neue Ausgabe des 360° Afrika-Magazins mit dem Schwerpunkt Malawi inklusive einer Malawi-See-Reportage von mir.

Libreville – No way out

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When you get off the plane as a northern or middle European in Libreville, it is like walking against a wall. It is the extreme humidity that hits you like a weight packed upon your chest. At least I felt so when we arrived at Libreville at half past seven in the evening, after a long day with flights from Frankfurt to Paris and Paris to Libreville with Air France. After having watched former Rugby players throwing around our luggage on the airfield of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Just before we discovered all the holes in the rain covers of our backpacks as well as in my backpack itself. Weiterlesen