Sambava beach

Sambava, Madagascar/Madagaskar

Beach eternity – Strand-Ewigkeit

Bobangira, Madagascar/Madagaskar

Forgotten boat – Vergessenes Boot

Chizumulu Island, Malawi


If you are looking for a last unspoilt piece of paradise, it is unavoidable to come across Bobangira, even though there are only few people right now who know about that place. The local residents for sure, some expats, and a few adventurous travellers who came upon the name accidentally and were open enough to ask for a chance to go there, just like in our case. While hiking in the rainforest of Marojejy mountains, we were told about Bobangira by our guide Yockno, the president of the regional guide´s association. And instead of staying in the montane forests and visiting Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve south of Marojejy National Park, we decided to give Bobangira a try. Continue…


In Madagascar`s northeast lies the SAVA region, covering more than 25.000 km2, and the name SAVA derived from the four main cities Sambava, Antalaha, Vohemar and Andapa. From north to south, Vohemar, Sambava and Antalaha are the region´s seaside towns while Andapa is situated inland a good 100 km southwest of Sambava. The triangle between Sambava, Andapa and Antalaha produces more than half of the world´s vanilla which makes it the wealthiest region in Madagascar. Only up north around Vohemar, the climate is too dry for vanilla. This is the land of zebu cattle, and at the Andapa basin to where all the rivers from the surrounding mountains drain, a good share of the country´s rice is growing. Continue…

The shipwreck at Antalaha beach – Das Schiffswrack am Strand von Antalaha

Antalaha, Madagascar/Madagaskar

Gone to the beach – Bin am Strand

Sakalava bay, Madagascar/Madagaskar

COVID dreamin´

Ndole Bay Lodge, Zambia/Sambia

Face to face – Von Angesicht zu Angesicht

Samfya, Lake Bangweulu, Zambia/Sambia