Patches of quotidian lives – Ausschnitte täglichen Lebens

Antananarivo, Madagascar/Madagaskar


Darmstadt en passant

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The Q-Files: Cityscape

Tana mon amour

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Antananarivo, Madagaskar/Madagascar

Mainz und der Rhein – Mainz and river Rhine

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City of light – Stadt aus Licht

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Festival of lights Berlin

Mouila – A quiet place – Ein ruhiger Ort

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Mouila is indeed a quiet place – not to say sleepy. It is the capital of the Ngounié region, named after the river which is the most important tributary of the Oogué. 30.000 inhabitants are living in Mouila that is linked to Lambaréné and Libreville in the north as well as Ndendé in the south via another Route Nationale. That one is quite good because it got paved by an Italian company in the recent years. Nowadays, more people are using the overland route to go to the south, which means more visitors coming to Mouila. But it is still a rarely visited town in a rarely visited region. In this respect, the lack of any touristic infrastructure and the nearly complete inaccessibility of the beautiful rainforest hinterland might play a role. Weiterlesen

Fort Portal sky

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