Shadows – Schatten


Zambezi elephants


Elephant bay – Die Elefantenbucht

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Observers – Beobachter

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Lower Zambezi, Zambia

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Lilayi, south of Lusaka, Zambia

One trunk in the water

Between borders – Grenzgänger

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Crossing from Zim to Zam

Lower Zambezi River I – Am Sambesi-Unterlauf I

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Lower Zambezi River I – Am Sambesi-Unterlauf I

Lower Zambezi River I – Am Sambesi-Unterlauf I

Zambezi River is the fourth longest river in Africa next to River Nile, Kongo River and Niger River with a length of 2.574 kilometres. It rises in dense miombo woodland in Zambias far northwest. After a few kilometres Zambezi River passes the border to Angola where it flows to the southwest for another 240 kilometres before entering western Zambia again and forming Zambezi Floodplains in the Lozi Kingdom of Barotseland. In the south the river turns to the east, marking the border to Namibia, then Botswana and Zimbabwe before it plunges down Victoria Falls at Livingstone. Weiterlesen