Cirque rouge

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Cirque rouge, Madagascar/Madagaskar

Lalibela splinters – Lalibela-Splitter

Lalibela, Ethiopia/Äthiopien

Natural structures – Natürliche Strukturen

Simien Mountains, Ethiopia/Äthiopien

Tsingy abstracts

Tsingy de Bemaraha, Madagascar/Madagaskar

Pink art – Rosa Kunst

Cirque Rouge, Madagaskar/Madagascar

Fairytale landscape – Märchenlandschaft

Mount Elgon, Uganda

Bua river

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, Malawi

Lopé I – The transport issue – Die Sache mit dem Transport

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The next morning, we got picked up past eight. We drove to the National Park office next to a park entrance on the other side of La Lopé where we had to inscribe our data into a big book. On the way, we had picked up our guide, a short and stocky guy who was working for the researchers most of the time. He didn´t seem too convinced of the concept of tourism but at the same time, he was a very friendly one. We already knew the entrance books from the parks in eastern Africa, but in Lopé were only two or three visitors recorded per day. That was something completely different compared to eastern Africa, and Lopé is not the remotest park in the country, it is Gabon’s highlight, by far the most famous and most accessible park. (Apart from that, using the words Gabon, Lopé and accessible in one sentence feels sort of unnatural to me.) Weiterlesen