Heavy drinker – Schwerer Trinker

Lower Zambezi, Zambia/Sambia



Lower Zambezi, Zambia/Sambia

Fußbad – Footbath

Lower Zambezi, Sambesi Mittellauf, Zambia/Sambia

Muddy waters

Lower Zambezi, Zambia/Sambia

Dust head

Lower Zambezi, Zambia/Sambia

Your smile – Dein Lächeln


The Q-Files: Rheinbrücke – Bridge over river Rhine

Lopé II – Lost in the jungle – Verloren im Urwald

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On our arrival at La Lopé, we had a warm welcome with the chef at the Hotel Mbeyi as well as the manager of both the Lopé Hotel and Hotel Mbeyi. When we told the latter the story of our journey so far, he smiled and shrugged. “That´s Gabon” he said, and we felt sorry for him, because we could see in his face what it meant to make your money with tourists in this country. Then he mentioned that the train was out of service for several days now because of an accident just before Libreville. We looked at each other and agreed that this time, we´ve been two lucky bastards. Weiterlesen