Kidepo Valley Nationalpark II – Kidepo Valley National Park II

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Part II
Exploring Kidepo Valley National Park is like exploring an ancient isolated paradise, hidden and protected by mountain ranges. It is an original savannah with patches of swampland, mountains, valleys, stands of borassus palms and sausage trees. The place is dominated by the remnants of the Katurum lodge, towering over the valley. It had been planned and built during the Idi Amin regime, but got abandoned because of political instability. Right now, it is getting renovated, because an investor is planning to turn the bunker-like structure into a four-star luxury accommodation including a spa and a night club. Weiterlesen


Daily labour – Tägliche Arbeit

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Between / Zwischen Kaabong & Kidepo Valley NP, Karamoja, Uganda

The Q-Files: Die kleinen Dinge – Small things

Kidepo Valley Nationalpark I – Kidepo Valley National Park I

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Teil I
Fährt man von Süden von Kotido in den Kidepo Valley Nationalpark, passiert man zunächst Kaabong, das Karamojas nördlichsten Geldautomaten beheimatet. Auf den 80 Kilometern hat sich die Landschaft allmählich verändert, es ist hügeliger mit zahlreichen Felsformationen und kleineren Bergen. Kaabong ist in dieser reizvollen Landschaft idyllisch gelegen und die letzte Stadt vor dem Nationalpark, der noch etwa 50 Kilometer entfernt liegt. Weiterlesen

On the way to Kidepo Valley National Park – Auf dem Weg in den Kidepo Valley Nationalpark


Abyssinian roller – Senegalracke (Kotido, Uganda)

Nakapelimoru & the Karamojong – Nakapelimoru & die Karamojong

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100 kilometres north of Moroto lies Kotido, a small and either dusty or muddy town in the centre of the huge Karamoja plains. Undistinguishable Kotido is mainly interesting because of its proximity to Nakapelimoru, one of the largest traditional settlements in eastern Africa. Approximately 10.000 Karamojong are living in Nakapelimoru. The settlement consists of traditional kraals, concentric circular enclosures and corrals to protect their cattle as well as the thatched huts of the families. From above, those small circles glued together in bigger circles resemble foam, sticking together like bubbles and forming a huge geometric structure – a Manyatta. The innermost corral is always reserved for cattle. Weiterlesen

Stranded in a minibus – Im Minibus gestrandet

Mit Reifenpanne im aufgebockten Minibus während eines Gewitters südlich von Kotido – In a jacked up minibus with a puncture during a thunderstorm south of Kotido

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Landmark Hotel, Soroti, Uganda