Lac Bleu

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Die bei weitem größte und eigentlich auch einzige Attraktion Mouilas ist Lac Bleu, der blaue See nur wenige Kilometer südlich der Stadt. Er ist direkt mit dem Ngounié verbunden und auf einer üblen Piste in einer Viertelstunde erreichbar. Trotz des trüben Wassers des Ngounié ist das des Sees glasklar und changiert zwischen Blau und Türkis. Im See soll das Wasserwesen Mugumi leben, das über ihn und die Stadt wacht und schon ganze Expeditionen zum Bau von Brücken oder Dämmen verschwinden ließ. Vielleicht war die Meerjungfrau auch dafür verantwortlich, dass der Bau einer Lodge nie vollendet wurde, wer weiß. Weiterlesen


Bua river

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, Malawi

Visiting Albert Schweitzer II – Zu Gast bei Albert Schweitzer II

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The present Albert-Schweitzer-hospital is a kind of flagship for Gabon, but at the same time it is a constant struggle getting the money together for keeping the hospital going. It is located on top of a hill only 100 or 200 metres from the historic hospital. The latter has been preserved in the condition of the time of its famous founder and is nowadays a museum. In Albert Schweitzer’s house, photographs and other documents are on display as well as the private rooms of the doctor and his wife – including the piano he had transported to the jungle because he had also been a musicologist publishing on Johann Sebastian Bach. Weiterlesen

Nkhata Bay, Malawi

Fort Portal sky

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Victoria Nile – Am Victoria-Nil

In Pakwach, Uganda

Karamoja plains

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Tea estate – Tee-Plantage

At Kalinzu Forest, Uganda

Karamoja plains

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Toro Crater Lakes – Die Toro Kraterseen

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Starting north of Fort Portal, a concentration of crater lakes runs down south alongside the western border of Kibale National Park with its groups of habituated chimpanzees. The crater lakes south of Fort Portal sprawl over a large region with a lush, hilly countryside and a patchwork of cultivated areas and remnants of swamps as well as indigenous forest with a profusion of birds, monkeys and butterflies. One of the most beautiful is Lake Nkuruba, where the community-run Original Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve is protecting the surrounding rainforest which is bursting with black-and-white colobus, red colobus, red-tailed and other monkeys. The lakes tend to be quite deep, and the water is clear and cool (but not too cool)– perfect for a relaxing swim. Weiterlesen