On the beach – Am Strand

Libreville, Gabon/Gabun


Treibholz – Driftwood, Pt. II

Gabun / Gabon

Water & life in Madagascar

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Water & life in Madagascar

Water & life in Madagascar


The Manakara Suicide Bridge

The Manakara Suicide Bridge

The Manakara Suicide Bridge

Manakara is a drowsy postcolonial town on the southeastern coast of Madagascar, sleeping a ruinous sleep after once having been an important port and trading centre since it had been connected to central highland city of Fianarantsoa by railway tracks in 1936. Nowadays Manakara is suffering from Toamasina (Tamatave) being the major port on the eastcoast because of it´s proximity to the capital Antananarivo and the island of Nosy Boraha (pronounced noosh boor; also: Ste. Marie) which is a major tourist hotspot. There is still a lot of business going on with Fianarantsoa because twice a week the train reaches Manakara after an eleven to 36 hours tour through the rainforest and bleak, treeless hillscapes bringing goods and some tourists, who will have an overnight stay before leaving town again. Weiterlesen