Under the surface – Unter der Oberfläche

Lake Mburo, Uganda

Have a break

Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda

War paint – Kriegsbemalung

Marojejy mountains, Madagascar/Madagaskar

The rock


Black and white – Schwarz und Weiß

Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda


A good 60 km southwest of Sambava lies Marojejy National Park in the eponymous Massif de Marojejy, a mountain range with its highest point at 2.132 m altitude. Those mountains are covered by dense rainforest as well as montane rainforest and cloud forest on the higher levels, and the forest is one of the top hotspots of biodiversity left on our ravaged planet. The national park protects more than 55.000 ha of it and has been gazetted in 1998 after already being a protected area since 1952. In 2007, it has been declared world heritage site by UNESCO as a part of the Antsinanana rainforests. Continue…

Secret hunter – Jäger im Verborgenen

Ankarana, Madagascar/Madagaskar

World Rainforest Day – Welt-Regenwaldtag

Andasibe, Madagascar/Madagaskar

Forest elephant without forest – Waldelefant ohne Wald

Lopé, Gabon/Gabun