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Do the Museum-walk, Pt. II

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Alte Nationalgalerie & Pergamonmuseum, Museumsinsel, Berlin

Do the Museum-walk, Pt. I

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Museumsinsel, Berlin


Eine künstlerische Installation in zwei Räumen. Von Bärbel Fox.

Bärbel Fox bei der Ausstellungseröffnung

Die Künstlerin im Inneren des Kunstwerks

Guckkastenblick #1

Guckkastenblick #2

Flucht – Eine künstlerische Installation in zwei Räumen.
Von Bärbel Fox.
Ausstellung im Stadtmuseum Groß-Gerau.
21. September – 21. Oktober.

Visiting Albert Schweitzer II – Zu Gast bei Albert Schweitzer II

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The present Albert-Schweitzer-hospital is a kind of flagship for Gabon, but at the same time it is a constant struggle getting the money together for keeping the hospital going. It is located on top of a hill only 100 or 200 metres from the historic hospital. The latter has been preserved in the condition of the time of its famous founder and is nowadays a museum. In Albert Schweitzer’s house, photographs and other documents are on display as well as the private rooms of the doctor and his wife – including the piano he had transported to the jungle because he had also been a musicologist publishing on Johann Sebastian Bach. Weiterlesen

Friede den Hütten – Peace to the shacks

Büchnerhaus, Geburtshaus Georg Büchners, Riedstadt-Goddelau

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documenta 14, Kassel Weiterlesen


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e/d Return to Kampala – Rückkehr nach Kampala

Five years after our first visit to Uganda and its capital, we finally revisited Kampala in July – twice. Of course, it´s a characteristic African capital, which means that it has got a modern town centre as well as sheds, huts and slums as far as the eye can see – for probably close to two million inhabitants. But set on “seven hills” amidst a rolling landscape one can also instantly observe the ongoing battle for the souls and the lives of the Ugandan people while looking at Kampala. A battle, which failed to attract my attention back then, but therefor this time, it struck me right away! Weiterlesen

The Q-Files: Iron constitution – Eiserne Konstitution

Railway museum Kranichstein – Eisenbahnmuseum Kranichstein (39 pictures)

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