Mud king – Schlammkönig

Kidepo Valley NP, Uganda


A couple of stripes

Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda.

Uganda Giraffe

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A walk in the park – Spaziergang

Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda

Curved – Geschwungen

Sliced – In Scheiben

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Buffalo country – Büffelland

Two-headed giraffe – Die zweiköpfige Giraffe

Along a riverbed – Entlang eines Flussbetts

Between / Zwischen Kaabong & Kidepo Valley NP, Karamoja, Uganda

Kidepo Valley Nationalpark II – Kidepo Valley National Park II

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Part II
Exploring Kidepo Valley National Park is like exploring an ancient isolated paradise, hidden and protected by mountain ranges. It is an original savannah with patches of swampland, mountains, valleys, stands of borassus palms and sausage trees. The place is dominated by the remnants of the Katurum lodge, towering over the valley. It had been planned and built during the Idi Amin regime, but got abandoned because of political instability. Right now, it is getting renovated, because an investor is planning to turn the bunker-like structure into a four-star luxury accommodation including a spa and a night club. Weiterlesen