Im Land der Baobabs – In Baobab country

Das Wahrzeichen Madagaskars - Madagascar´s most enigmatic landmark

Das Wahrzeichen Madagaskars – Madagascar´s most enigmatic landmark

There are many landmarks in Madagascar: lemurs in general, especially the ring-tailed lemur as well as the mysterious Aye-Aye, chameleons – from one of the biggest to the smallest one on earth, vanilla, pepper and „L’arbre du voyageur“, traveller´s tree, which looks similar to palm trees, belongs to the bird-of-paradise family and is even printed on the country´s visa. But in the end the most emblematic one is the Baobab tree, of which there are six endemic species on Madagascar: Adansonia grandidieri, Adansonia suarezensis, Adansonia madagascariensis, Adansonia perrieri, Adansonia rubrostipa and Adansonia za. Beyond those there are also some specimens of Adansonia digitata, which is originally growing on mainland Africa and has been “imported”. 2012 another species called Adansonia kilima has been discovered in Africa, and there is Adansonia gregorii in Australia. Weiterlesen