Genna – Weihnachten in Lalibela I – Christmas at Lalibela I


Genna (or Lidet) is the Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas that is celebrated on January 7th, according to the Julian calendar used by the Ethiopians. In leap years, the celebration is shifted for one day. But not in Lalibela where Genna has a special significance. Legend has it that king Lalibela had been born on the same day as Jesus, therefor it is always celebrated on January 7th. Genna also marks the end of a 43-day fasting period with the believers eating only vegan food and, in some cases, only once a day. A traditional dish for breaking the fast at Genna is Doro Wat, a spicy chicken dish with hard-boiled eggs and Injera.

Genna (oder Lidet), das äthiopische Weihnachtsfest, wird nach dem Julianischen Kalender am 7. Januar gefeiert, in Schaltjahren verschiebt sich der Termin um einen Tag. Bloß nicht in Lalibela, wo Genna eine besondere Bedeutung besitzt, denn der Legende nach wurde König Lalibela am selben Tag wie Jesus Christus geboren, weshalb Weihnachten dort ausnahmslos am selben Tag gefeiert wird. Das Fest markiert außerdem das Ende einer 43-tägigen Fastenzeit, in der die Gläubigen vegan leben und teilweise nur eine Mahlzeit am Tag zu sich nehmen. Ein traditionelles Weihnachtsgericht des Fastenbrechens ist Doro Wat, ein scharfes Hühnergericht mit hart gekochten Eiern und Injera. Weiterlesen


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e/d Return to Kampala – Rückkehr nach Kampala

Five years after our first visit to Uganda and its capital, we finally revisited Kampala in July – twice. Of course, it´s a characteristic African capital, which means that it has got a modern town centre as well as sheds, huts and slums as far as the eye can see – for probably close to two million inhabitants. But set on “seven hills” amidst a rolling landscape one can also instantly observe the ongoing battle for the souls and the lives of the Ugandan people while looking at Kampala. A battle, which failed to attract my attention back then, but therefor this time, it struck me right away! Weiterlesen