Patches of quotidian lives – Ausschnitte täglichen Lebens

Antananarivo, Madagascar/Madagaskar


Tana mon amour

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Antananarivo, Madagaskar/Madagascar

The rear East Side

East Side Gallery, Berlin

City of light – Stadt aus Licht

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Festival of lights Berlin

Libreville – No way out

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When you get off the plane as a northern or middle European in Libreville, it is like walking against a wall. It is the extreme humidity that hits you like a weight packed upon your chest. At least I felt so when we arrived at Libreville at half past seven in the evening, after a long day with flights from Frankfurt to Paris and Paris to Libreville with Air France. After having watched former Rugby players throwing around our luggage on the airfield of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Just before we discovered all the holes in the rain covers of our backpacks as well as in my backpack itself. Weiterlesen


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e/d Return to Kampala – Rückkehr nach Kampala

Five years after our first visit to Uganda and its capital, we finally revisited Kampala in July – twice. Of course, it´s a characteristic African capital, which means that it has got a modern town centre as well as sheds, huts and slums as far as the eye can see – for probably close to two million inhabitants. But set on “seven hills” amidst a rolling landscape one can also instantly observe the ongoing battle for the souls and the lives of the Ugandan people while looking at Kampala. A battle, which failed to attract my attention back then, but therefor this time, it struck me right away! Weiterlesen


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Mansa is the capital of Zambia´s northeastern Luapula province right at the border to the DR Congo. It has got a population of around 40.000 people, a Shoprite supermarket, a gas station, schools and the provincial government, but in the end Mansa feels just like a village, like a huge dispersed settlement. There is a lot of agriculture in the province, down the Valley of Luapula River, which is a headstream of mighty Congo River, and up to Lake Mweru – especially the inevitable maize, which is mixed with boiling water for the national dish Nshima. The many rivers and lakes of the area also make fishing an important commercial factor. A lot of NGOs are based in Mansa, providing support to many people and communities in this scarcely developed part of Zambia. Weiterlesen

To the sky

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Addis Ababa

Nikon D3200; Nikkor 35(52)mm, F 1,8; F 2,2; 1/25 sec.; ISO 400
Addis Abeba, die „neue Blume“, hat zwischen 3,5 und 5 Millionen Einwohner, ist die Hauptstadt Äthiopiens und Sitz der Afrikanischen Union (AU). Gegründet wurde die Stadt erst 1887 von König Menelik und seiner Frau Taytu, die dem Ort später auch seinen Namen Addis Ababa gab. Der Hofstaat ließ sich dort nieder, und nach und nach entwickelte sich die Stadt zu einer echten Hauptstadt. Dort ist heute das berühmte Nationalmuseum mit dem Skelett der berühmten „Lucy“ (Kopie des Originals, Australopithecus afarensis) sowie weiterer frühgeschichtlicher Knochenfunde aus allen Entwicklungsstadien des Menschen, zu finden.