Prehistoric creature – Prähistorische Kreatur

Bobangira, Madagascar/Madagaskar


If you are looking for a last unspoilt piece of paradise, it is unavoidable to come across Bobangira, even though there are only few people right now who know about that place. The local residents for sure, some expats, and a few adventurous travellers who came upon the name accidentally and were open enough to ask for a chance to go there, just like in our case. While hiking in the rainforest of Marojejy mountains, we were told about Bobangira by our guide Yockno, the president of the regional guide´s association. And instead of staying in the montane forests and visiting Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve south of Marojejy National Park, we decided to give Bobangira a try. Continue…

Mitsinjo II

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Die Association Mitsinjo wurde 1999 von Bewohnern des nahen Dorfes Andasibe gegründet, um vom wachsenden Tourismus profitieren zu können. 2003 übernahm die Organisation das Management des Waldes von Analamazaotra, der in der Folge zum Mitsinjo-Park gemacht wurde. Mehr als 50 Einwohner von Andasibe, darunter zahlreiche hervorragend ausgebildete Guides, kümmern sich heute um den Wald, um den Naturschutz und die Weiterentwicklung des Parks, um den Tourismus und um die Forschung.

Association Mitsinjo was founded in 1999 by locals from the nearby village of Andasibe to take benefit from the growing number of tourists visiting the area. In 2003, the Association took over the management of the Analamazaotra forest station and transformed it into the Mitsinjo Park. Today, more than 50 locals from Andasibe, among them several excellently trained guides, are taking care of the forest, the conservation, the development of the park, tourism and research. Weiterlesen