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Der Andasibe Nationalpark ist aufgrund seiner Nähe zu Tana und seiner guten Erreichbarkeit in der Nähe der Route National nach Toamasina (Tamatave) der meistbesuchte auf Madagaskar. Hier gibt es die berühmten Indris, den kleinen Östlichen Bambuslemur und weitere Lemuren wie vom nahen Mantadia Nationalpark umgesiedelte Diadem-Sifakas sowie Chamäleons, Frösche und eine Vielzahl an Vögeln wie den Madagaskar-Paradiesschnäpper oder den Madagaskar-Drongo, den „König von Madagaskar“, wie er aufgrund seiner kleinen „Krone“ über dem Schnabel auch genannt wird.

Because of its proximity to Tana and the good accessibility near the Route National to Toamasina (Tamatave), Andasibe National Park is the most visited in Madagascar. It is home to the famous Indris, the Eastern lesser bamboo lemur and other lemurs like the Diadem sifakas that got translocated from nearby Mantadia National Park as well as chameleons, frogs and a vast number of birds like the Madagascar paradise flycatcher or the Madagascar Drongo, the “King of Madagascar” as it is called because of the small crown-like feather right above its beak. Weiterlesen

Lopé II – Lost in the jungle – Verloren im Urwald

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On our arrival at La Lopé, we had a warm welcome with the chef at the Hotel Mbeyi as well as the manager of both the Lopé Hotel and Hotel Mbeyi. When we told the latter the story of our journey so far, he smiled and shrugged. “That´s Gabon” he said, and we felt sorry for him, because we could see in his face what it meant to make your money with tourists in this country. Then he mentioned that the train was out of service for several days now because of an accident just before Libreville. We looked at each other and agreed that this time, we´ve been two lucky bastards. Weiterlesen

Entebbe Botanical Garden – Der botanische Garten von Entebbe

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Besides the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Entebbe Botanical Garden is another fine place worth a visit on your first or last day in Uganda. Established in 1902, the botanical garden is a wonderful retreat and home to indigenous forest as well as cultivation, horticulture and even a broad variety of animals, including several bird species, monkeys and tree squirrels. Entebbe Botanical Garden is located right at the shore of Lake Victoria and big enough to keep you busy for some hours. It is said that the early Tarzan movies with Johnny Weissmuller have been shot amidst it´s impressive vegetation. Weiterlesen

Buggala, ein Rückzugsort II – Buggala Island, a place of retreat II

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Alle Unterkünfte auf Buggala liegen über die Lutoboka-Bucht verteilt, von wo aus seit ein paar Jahren die Fähre MV Kalangala täglich nach Entebbe pendelt. Dafür benötigt sie in der Regel um die vier Stunden. Morgens um acht Uhr geht es in Lutoboka los, und um 14 Uhr tritt sie von Entebbe den Weg zurück zur Insel an, wo sie dann noch vor Sonnenuntergang wieder anlegt. Nachdem die Insel schon in den 90ern ein Backpacker-Treffpunkt gewesen war, hatte sie Anfang des Jahrtausends unter der Einstellung des Fährbetriebs von Entebbe aus gelitten, die Touristen waren weiter an den idyllischen Bunyonyi-See im Süden des Landes gezogen. Weiterlesen

Toro Crater Lakes – Die Toro Kraterseen

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Starting north of Fort Portal, a concentration of crater lakes runs down south alongside the western border of Kibale National Park with its groups of habituated chimpanzees. The crater lakes south of Fort Portal sprawl over a large region with a lush, hilly countryside and a patchwork of cultivated areas and remnants of swamps as well as indigenous forest with a profusion of birds, monkeys and butterflies. One of the most beautiful is Lake Nkuruba, where the community-run Original Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve is protecting the surrounding rainforest which is bursting with black-and-white colobus, red colobus, red-tailed and other monkeys. The lakes tend to be quite deep, and the water is clear and cool (but not too cool)– perfect for a relaxing swim. Weiterlesen

Semliki National Park – Wo Ruwenzori und Kongo-Regenwald aufeinandertreffen – Where Rwenzori mountains and Congo rainforest clash

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Versteckt in einem entlegenen Winkel Ugandas liegt im Tal des Semliki der Semliki Nationalpark, in dem 220 km2 des Bwamba-Waldes geschützt werden. Von Fort Portal aus führt eine erst in den letzten Jahren asphaltierte, spektakuläre Straße am nördlichen Ende der Ruwenzori-Berge entlang hinab ins Semliki-Tal auf der Westseite der Ruwenzoris. Der Bwamba-Wald ist der östlichste Ausläufer des kongolesischen Ituri-Waldes und Teil des Kongobecken-Regenwalds. Es ist der einzige Tiefland-Regenwald Ugandas und der Ort, wo das Kongobecken auf Ostafrika trifft. Weiterlesen

Kidepo Valley Nationalpark II – Kidepo Valley National Park II

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Part II
Exploring Kidepo Valley National Park is like exploring an ancient isolated paradise, hidden and protected by mountain ranges. It is an original savannah with patches of swampland, mountains, valleys, stands of borassus palms and sausage trees. The place is dominated by the remnants of the Katurum lodge, towering over the valley. It had been planned and built during the Idi Amin regime, but got abandoned because of political instability. Right now, it is getting renovated, because an investor is planning to turn the bunker-like structure into a four-star luxury accommodation including a spa and a night club. Weiterlesen


La Vallée… …or the colours of Madagascar/ …oder Die Farben Madagaskars (58 pictures)



One of Madagascar’s most fascinating natural areas is located on an ascending ledge in the island’s north-western corner and appears quite unspectacular at first sight. In a dry, undulating and treeless area of the fourth biggest island and second biggest island state after Indonesia, Ankarafantsika is towering approximately 250m above the surrounding landscape. Intersected by Rue Nationale 4 on it’s way to Mahajanga, the National Park is brimming with dense dry forest, which is protected area since the 1920s and a National Park since the 70s. Weiterlesen