Natural textures – Natürliche Texturen

Bale mountains, Ethiopia/Äthiopien

In cold blood – Kaltblütig

Simien mountains, Ethiopia/Äthiopien

At the river – Am Fluss

Marojejy mountains, Madagascar/Madagaskar

Virunga volcanoes in the mist – Virunga-Vulkane im Nebel

Virunga region, Uganda

War paint – Kriegsbemalung

Marojejy mountains, Madagascar/Madagaskar

A culture of rice – Reis-Kultur

SAVA, Madagascar/Madagaskar

Contemplating one another – Nachdenken über das Gegenüber

Simien mountains, Ethiopia/Äthiopien

Between earth and sky – Zwischen Himmel und Erde

Bale mountains, Ethiopia/Äthiopien

The rock



Andapa is the only of the four major towns in SAVA region to be situated away from the Indian ocean 100 km southwest of Sambava. It has around 30.000 inhabitants of whom 90% are farmers, mainly cultivating rice. The place is ideal for that because of its location at the eponymous basin to where all the rivers from Marojejy mountains flow. Andapa is a buzzling little town with market stalls along nearly all streets, and the “white hill” at its edge, from where you have great views over the whole basin. Following my own experience of staying in Andapa, it might be not advisable to be there on Saturday. It´s possible that the whole town will turn into the disco from hell literally all night long. Continue…