Strandhaus – Beach house

Libreville, Gabun/Gabon


On the beach – Am Strand

Libreville, Gabon/Gabun

Libreville – No way out

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When you get off the plane as a northern or middle European in Libreville, it is like walking against a wall. It is the extreme humidity that hits you like a weight packed upon your chest. At least I felt so when we arrived at Libreville at half past seven in the evening, after a long day with flights from Frankfurt to Paris and Paris to Libreville with Air France. After having watched former Rugby players throwing around our luggage on the airfield of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Just before we discovered all the holes in the rain covers of our backpacks as well as in my backpack itself. Weiterlesen

Treibholz – Driftwood, Pt. II

Gabun / Gabon

Buggala Island, a place of retreat I – Buggala, ein Rückzugsort I

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From Kalinzu Forest, we caught a minibus to the east, to Mbarara where we had to change transport and took a big bus eastward on to Masaka near the shore of Lake Victoria. After the delicious Friday night BBQ buffet at the Frikadellen, a Danish-run eatery linked to the NGO Childcare Denmark, and a night at the Vienna Golden Hotel in Masaka (we couldn´t figure out why the hell this is called Vienna), we tried to take a minibus to Buggala Island, the largest island of the Ssese Archipelago which comprises 84 islands just off shore on Lake Victoria. There is a free ferry service commuting all day between the mainland east of Masaka and the western tip of Buggala Island, covering the three or four kilometres in around 40 minutes. Weiterlesen

Lake Kariba

Siavonga, Zambia

Tree art – Baumkunst

Lake Tanganyika, Zambia

Bangweulu idyll – Idylle am Bangweulu-See

Samfya. Zambia

Samfya. Zambia

Toliara – A day at the beach – Ein Tag am Strand


Toliara – A day at the beach – Ein Tag am Strand

Toliara (Tuléar) is the biggest and most important city in southwestern Madagascar. Once in the past rebels had demolished a bridge on the way from the capital Antananarivo to it´s most significant port Toamasina (Tamatave) at the eastcoast. That was when the government bought Toliara a deepwater port as well as a 1000 kilometre long asphalt road all the way up to the central highland and Tana. Weiterlesen