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Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park

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With a size of around 3.800 km2, Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda´s largest protected area. In a north-western corner of the country, it is divided into a northern and a southern sector by the Victoria Nile coming from lake Kyoga to the east. The Victoria Nile delta at lake Albert in the west is part of the park while starting there, the Albert Nile flowing north towards South Sudan marks the western border of Murchison Falls NP. Weiterlesen

Kidepo Valley Nationalpark II – Kidepo Valley National Park II

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Part II
Exploring Kidepo Valley National Park is like exploring an ancient isolated paradise, hidden and protected by mountain ranges. It is an original savannah with patches of swampland, mountains, valleys, stands of borassus palms and sausage trees. The place is dominated by the remnants of the Katurum lodge, towering over the valley. It had been planned and built during the Idi Amin regime, but got abandoned because of political instability. Right now, it is getting renovated, because an investor is planning to turn the bunker-like structure into a four-star luxury accommodation including a spa and a night club. Weiterlesen

Nsumbu National Park

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Nsumbu National Park

Nsumbu National Park

Im äußersten Nordosten Sambias erstreckt sich vom Ufer des Tanganjika-Sees bis tief ins Hinterland der traumhafte Nsumbu (oder Sumbu) Nationalpark. Mit gut 2000 Quadratkilometern gehört Nsumbu zu den Parks mittlerer Größe in Sambia. In den 70er Jahren wurde er neben Kafue und South Luangwa zu den besten des Landes und von ganz Südafrika gezählt – lange Zeit gehegt und gefördert vom ersten Präsidenten Kenneth Kaunda, der die Geschicke Sambias von 1964 bis 1991 leitete. Weiterlesen