Down on the upside

Bobangira, Madagascar/Madagaskar


If you are looking for a last unspoilt piece of paradise, it is unavoidable to come across Bobangira, even though there are only few people right now who know about that place. The local residents for sure, some expats, and a few adventurous travellers who came upon the name accidentally and were open enough to ask for a chance to go there, just like in our case. While hiking in the rainforest of Marojejy mountains, we were told about Bobangira by our guide Yockno, the president of the regional guide´s association. And instead of staying in the montane forests and visiting Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve south of Marojejy National Park, we decided to give Bobangira a try. Continue…

Macolline, Antalaha

Right before entering the southernmost town of the SAVA region, Antalaha, there is a steep hill that once had been intensively used for agricultural means. More than ten years ago, Marie-Hélène Kam Hyo, a Malagasy pharmacist, and her german dentist husband Bernd Zschocke have bought those 10 ha of land. Both are passionate about conservation, and especially Marie-Hélène has a deep dedication for protecting the local biodiversity. So, they started a reforestation programme with tens of thousand trees and other mainly endemic plants. Continue…

Colours of Africa I – Afrikas Farben I

Colors are the smiles of nature. (Leigh Hunt)

Farben sind das Lächeln der Natur. (Leigh Hunt)

Cirque Rouge, Madagascar/Madagaskar
Likoma Island, Malawi
Rift Valley, Ethiopia/Äthiopien
Antsiranana (Diego-Suarez), Madagascar/Madagaskar
Likoma Island, Malawi
South Luangwa National Park, Zambia/Sambia
Lalibela, Ethiopia/Äthiopien
Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda
Lopé, Gabon/Gabun
Lake Nkuruba, Uganda
Ranomafana, Madagascar/Madagaskar
Bale mountains, Ethiopia/Äthiopien
Buggala Island, Uganda
Mouila, Gabon/Gabun
Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda
Andasibe, Madagascar/Madagaskar
Virunga region, Uganda
Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda
Oogué, Gabon/Gabun
Semliki National Park, Uganda
Montagne d´Ambre, Madagascar/Madagaskar
Lake Nyamirima, Uganda
Hayk, Ethiopia/Äthiopien
Chobe river, Botsuana/Botswana
Mabamba wetland, Uganda
Lopé, Gabon/Gabun
Réserve Peyrieras, Madagascar/Madagaskar
Réserve Peyrieras, Madagascar/Madagaskar
Ranomafana, Madagascar/Madagaskar
South Luangwa National Park, Zambia/Sambia
Ranomafana, Madagascar/Madagaskar
Chirundu Fossil Forest, Zambia/Sambia
Ankarafantsika, Madagascar/Madagaskar
Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, Malawi
Lopé, Gabon/Gabun
Andringitra, Madagascar/Madagaskar
Sipi falls, Uganda
Northern Madagascar/Nordmadagaskar
Victoria falls, Zambia/Sambia
Mount Elgon, Uganda
Aksum, Ethiopia/Äthiopien
Sakalava bay, Madagascar/Madagaskar
Zambezi floodplains, Zambia/Sambia
Northern Madagascar/Nordmadagaskar
Tsingy rouge, Madagascar/Madagaskar
Horombe, Madagascar/Madagaskar