Daily labour – Tägliche Arbeit

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Between / Zwischen Kaabong & Kidepo Valley NP, Karamoja, Uganda


The Q-Files: Die kleinen Dinge – Small things

On the way to Kidepo Valley National Park – Auf dem Weg in den Kidepo Valley Nationalpark

Stranded in a minibus – Im Minibus gestrandet

Mit Reifenpanne im aufgebockten Minibus während eines Gewitters südlich von Kotido – In a jacked up minibus with a puncture during a thunderstorm south of Kotido


Landmark Hotel, Soroti, Uganda

Neugierig, aber schüchtern – Curious but shy

Zwischen Napak und Akisim – Between Napak and Akisim

Zwischen Soroti und Moroto führt die Straße zwischen den Vulkanen Napak und Akisim hindurch. – On the way from Soroti to Moroto the road passes the volcanoes of Napak and Akisim.

On Karamoja´s roads – Auf Karamojas Pisten

Zwischen Soroti und Katakwi – Between Soroti and Katakwi

Die Straßenbauarbeiter meines Vertrauens – My favourite trusted road construction workers


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e/d Return to Kampala – Rückkehr nach Kampala

Five years after our first visit to Uganda and its capital, we finally revisited Kampala in July – twice. Of course, it´s a characteristic African capital, which means that it has got a modern town centre as well as sheds, huts and slums as far as the eye can see – for probably close to two million inhabitants. But set on “seven hills” amidst a rolling landscape one can also instantly observe the ongoing battle for the souls and the lives of the Ugandan people while looking at Kampala. A battle, which failed to attract my attention back then, but therefor this time, it struck me right away! Weiterlesen

Uganda – The country where Matooke is the staple food

The country where Matooke is the staple food