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Red fall – Roter Herbst

Kabale, 2021

Kabale, Uganda

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Right turn, wrong turn – Falsch abgebogen


Virunga III – Meet the Batwa – Eine Begegnung mit den Batwa

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Besides “Silver and Gold”, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park offers the unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the ancient and unparalleled rich culture of the Batwa, the people of the forest. When the park was gazetted, they had not only been translocated to the outskirts of Kisoro right at the edge of the woods that once had been their native home for conservation reasons, but they were also forced to integrate themselves into a society that marginalized their community and ostracized them because of plain prejudices. The same fate is shared by the San, or Khoisan, the bush people of southern Africa who are – just like the Batwa – the oldest ethnic groups on the planet – the first of mankind, if you want to put it that way, and they own an unlimited amount of knowledge referring to the woods. Meeting those hunter-gatherers does not only bring…

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St. John´s church

Entebbe, Uganda