Lake Mburo National Park

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Lake Mburo and the eponymous National Park protecting 260 km2 of rolling hills, forests, and bush savanna is an underrated gem in Uganda’s impressive set of National Parks. The landscape surrounding the five lakes within the park is picturesque at least, and there is an abundance of wildlife ranging from zebra and antelope, like the rare eland, to giraffe, topi, impala, waterbucks, bushbucks, oribi, leopards and rock hyrax. But the absence of elephants, lions or rhinos left it somewhere right at the bottom of the tourist’s bucket lists. If you´re a true nature and wildlife lover, Lake Mburo National Park will reward you with more wildlife than anywhere else, and if you´re a birder, you are likely to spot the rare African finfoot. The Park is surrounded by grazing land for the impressive Ankole cows that play an important role in the country’s dairy production.

Der Mburo-See und…

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