Tunnelblick – Tunnel vision, Bete Marqorewos, Lalibela, Ethiopia

Nikon D3200; Nikkor 35(52)mm, F 1,8; F 7,1; 1/60 sec.; ISO 250

Nikon D3200; Nikkor 35(52)mm, F 1,8; F 7,1; 1/60 sec.; ISO 250


6 Kommentare zu “Tunnelblick – Tunnel vision, Bete Marqorewos, Lalibela, Ethiopia

  1. thegreyeye sagt:

    Thanks for posting such nice pics of Ethiopia. Very few people speak about it’s beauty. Love it

    • docugraphy sagt:

      Thank you very much!!!
      Yes, it´s time to get Ethiopia out of the „starving-nation“-corner and see it as what it is: a nation with an incredibly old and rich culture, landscape-wise one of the most beautiful countries on this planet with people who are extremely proud on the fact that they´ve never been colonialized. 🙂

      • thegreyeye sagt:

        I know what it feels like when some people from more privileged countries comments on others, without knowing much about the latter. Thankfully, all people are not like that. Ethiopia has a rich cultural background I knew, but never seen such beautiful photos. Thanks for bringing it to us. 🙂

      • docugraphy sagt:

        Thank you very much, that´s very kind of you.
        To be honest, the colours in Ethiopia have been really astonishing (during rain season). I tried to document those colours along with the breathtaking landscapes, the mysthical culture and the many different and very unique people of that area. 🙂

  2. Imort sagt:

    Geheimnisvoll … ich kenne das Gebäude und seine (geschätzte) Enstehung bereits aus Büchern. Aber aus diesem Winkel hab ich noch kein Bild gesehen. Es setzt den Bau ins rechte Licht.

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